Merlin Project 8 Now with Dynamic Help

Melle, Germany - ProjectWizards is proud to announce the release of Merlin Project 8, an important update to its professional project management software for macOS. Merlin Project is the standard for project management in industries such as Architecture & Construction, Media & Agencies, Research & Development, Education and others. For more than 15 years customers in over 150 countries have been using our flexible app to plan, manage & control their small and large projects - no matter whether you're on a Mac or an iPad.

The most extensive new feature catches the eye immediately at startup: Dynamic Help. When activated, the dynamic help in Merlin Project 8. provides short descriptive texts. When pointing to a UI element with the mouse, it appears exactly where it is needed. There is no need to search the comprehensive manual.

Help Texts In 6 Languages:
Thanks to translation by Wordcrafts, help texts are available in all 6 languages of the app. Regardless of whether the interface is set to German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese or Chinese, the localized descriptive texts make this help easier for beginners to get started with Merlin Project. But even users who do not work with Merlin Project on a daily basis will quickly find their way around.

Automated Links for Merlin Project Documents and Content:
By extending the API for AppleScript with two new commands, users can now get the URLs of documents and their content automatically (e. g. via Hook).

More News in Merlin Project 8 - there is more to find in the new version:
* The Inspector is now displayed in a larger font; This helps to read the text in the inspector especially on very large screens
* The style of the timeline can now be changed; A different line thickness, a new style or even a different color is now easily possible
* Creating a new column has got a new workflow
* The phone icon in the resource inspector can now start calls for all devices connected to the computer; On the iPad, of course, this also works if a GSM card is installed
* The file attachments inspector has been completely redesigned
* Beautification of the checklist attachments and the inspection window
* The iPad version can now also create its own resource pools

Merlin Project 8 is a free upgrade for all subscribers. New customers test the software 30 days free of charge. Minimum system requirements are macOS Mojave (version 10.14) on the Mac or iOS 14 on the iPad/iPhone.

Merlin Project 8
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ProjectWizards is convinced that good software gives people the power to complete complex tasks with ease. That's why they've been working for over 15 years to let their customers experience this magic in Merlin Project. From the beginning, ProjectWizards recognized the Apple platforms macOS and iOS as the best possible environment for their products. With success, because the market-leading project management software for Apple systems comes from ProjectWizards GmbH and is called Merlin Project. Copyright (C) 2021 ProjectWizards. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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